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March 2019 Update: Operations are winding down. There were just too many setbacks one after another. Our domestic tooling will be taken over by Fox Valley Models. The Maxi-IV tooling is under the control of InterMountain Railway Company. Unfortunately, we are out of Maxi-IV Fix-Kits and do not have the financial resources to produce more. Parts availability and product support are still an open questions. In the short run, use the email contact and phone number listed here. Note that there is no physical phone system but the number can be used to leave messages. Thank you for your support in the past.

February 2018 Update: After a long struggle, we lost our lease and have moved the warehouse to a smaller commercial facility. Effective immediately our mailing address is P. O. Box 141, Midland Park, NJ 07432. Operations are suspended as we complete this move and get things organized. Shipping of the first batch of Fix-Kits was interrupted during this time, we will continue getting them out as soon as we can.
Thank you in advance for your patience.

September Update: After a long wait, the Maxi-IV Fix-Kits are here. This version has been tested and they work properly to correct the rolling and truck swivel problems. The Fix-Kit is a set of washers which will provide the correct spacing for the trucks. Coupler height should be correct after the fix. If you think you are experiencing this issue, click HERE for more information.

July Update on the Maxi-IV Fix-Kit: The first test batch had issues.
The washers did not etch as expected and were all too big. After some filing, we tested proof of concept, then it was literally back to the drawing board. We ironed out all of the problems with the etcher and ordered another batch. An expected shipping date has not been received yet but they should be here during the first half of July.

BNSF Maxi-Stack IV

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