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November Update: The Maxi-IVs are taking longer in production than the factory allowed for. They are scheduled to be shipped at the end of the month with the first run hitting shops in December and the second run in January. Thank you.
July Post-NTS Update: We finished testing the new Maxi-IV samples we got in Cleveland just before the National Train Show. The only problem left is that they don't run on curves under a 12" radius! With all the time invested in getting them running right, we just have to live with this for the first two runs. We will continue to study the problem and see if we can get them running around 9-3/4" curves as they were designed to. Further study and re-engineering could result in another delay of over six months and it's been long enough already. I hope there aren't too many modellers out there disappointed with this decision. The factory told us they are producing them in August which should put the first two runs in customers hands by October and November.

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